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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is Your Butt Itchy?

Contrail and Ocotillo wands
After Becca did her business this morning (well off the trail, as she always does), she quickly sat her rear end down on the dirt, as dogs with an itchy tail end often do.  I said to her, "What's wrong, is your butt itchy?"  She immediately jumped up and looked around as if somebody was coming.  After she sat again, I asked the same thing and got the same response.  It took me a minute to figure out what she was doing.  When her dog friends at the cabin show up, we always say, "It's your buddies."  She was hearing "Is your butt itchy?" as "It's your buddies."  We were going to enroll her in college this semester, but now we're reconsidering.
The Organ Mountains

South of Tortugas

Spiny Norman

Itchy butt?

My friends are here?


Dr. K said...

Maybe no one else would find this funny, but I sure do.

Scott said...

I think it's cute, too! However, I'm sure Dr. K will tell you that Becca's behavior may indicate that her anal glands need to be squeezed--at least that's what we had to do with our poodle when I was young. My dad always did the deed, and it was nasty, of course.

packrat said...

Any anal gland squeezing will be done by Dr. K's capable hands, Scott. Just kidding. Dr. K is a rhetor. Whenever we think Becca's anal glands need expressing we take her to the vet.

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