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Monday, December 3, 2012

Such a Grand View!

Through a small canyon on the Grandview Trail
The chimney sweep showed up at the cabin exactly at nine a.m., and he took less than an hour to clean the stack and put in place a new piece of metal mesh beneath the spark arrestor.  Somebody had cut four holes in the old mesh, and that's how the birds had gotten into the wood stove.  After he left, Becca and I hit the Grandview Trail for a short hike before heading back to Las Cruces.  We had the whole place to ourselves--and the weather was beautiful!
The midway point

In the distance, White Sands National Monument

Becca and Packrat

Growing straight out of the rock

Late Autumn in the high desert


Dr. K said...

I like the cholla growing straight out of the rock.

Scott said...

Any chance that the Grandview Trail was once a railroad right-of-way? That "small canyon" looks like a rock cut on a railroad.

packrat said...

Scott: Both the Grandview Trail and the new Bridal Veil Trail are part of the New Mexico Rails-to-Trails project, which converts old rail lines into fantastic trails. Perhaps the most astrounding of these trails is the Switchback Trail just south of Cloudcroft.

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