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Friday, December 7, 2012


Headed up the mountain
Becca and I had to park in the Sunset Area lot because our regular parking spot was occupied.  Our hike was extended by about thirty minutes because we ran into J.C. and his dog, Shaq, and then, later, Jimmy and Greg; the latter two were talking to each other.  Jimmy hiked back to the parking lot with Becca and me, where we discovered notes put under the windshield wipers of the ten cars and trucks parked there.  The note appears in the last image.  This is progress!
The Organ Mountains at sunrise

Across the western flank

What a grand view!

Note on car windows


Scott said...

Make sure you attend the hearing, Packrat! No Golden Arches, just Golden Barrels!

Why was your regular parking spot blocked?

Dr. K said...

We both better attend that hearing.

packrat said...


I usually park at the side of the dirt road before the parking lot to avoid encounters with other dogs. When we pulled in there were three cars where we park, and people with a dog were just piling out of one.

I like the Golden Arches/Golden Barrels comment. With your permission I may borrow it.


Scott said...

Borrow, by all means, Packrat! Good luck!

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