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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

God's Dog

A very curious Coyote
We saw Ms. Canis Latrans (Coyote) in the distance and cut across her path to create a close encounter.  She came up over a ridge to get a closeup view of us--of Becca, really.  At a distance of about 25 feet we stood staring at each other.  Ms. Latrans was very patient as I took several photos of her.  After she inspected Becca thoroughly, and deemed her no threat, Ms. Latrans took off up the mountain.  The weather was very bad for our hike, high winds and blowing dust.
She's staring at Becca from about 25 feet away

Time to move on

Pichacho (upper left) barely visible in the blowing dust

Sun leaking through the clouds

Cloudy, dusty day

Miracle near Bishop's Cap

God's dog has nothing on Becca


Dr. K said...

That coyote was very curious about Becca, and vice versa.

Scott said...

Great set of images today, Packrat. The images of Ms. Latrans are especially appealing. I can't believe the coyote got so close to you and Becca.

packrat said...

The Coyote was well within the distance most members of her species consider safe; but for whatever reason, she seemed ultra curious about Becca, and didn't seem at all spooked by my stern instructions for Becca to "stay!" It's possible she's seen us out there before.

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