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Monday, December 24, 2012

Grand Times on the Grandview

The Sacramento Mountains near High Rolls, New Mexico
There's still a smattering of snow here in the high country--just enough to make conditions somewhat sloppy.  And Becca sees nothing wrong with traipsing through mud wherever she finds it.  Good thing we bought the Paw Plunger a few years back, a mammoth coffee-cup paw cleaner that has brushes inside.  It makes the task of cleaner her feet a whole lot easier once we're back in the mud room at our cabin.
Headed down the trail

The Tularosa Basin

White Sands at the base of the San Andres Mountains

Just enough of the white stuff to make Snow Dog happy

A trio of intrepid hikers


Dr. K said...

It's great to be back up in HIgh Rolls.

Scott said...

Happy holidays to Becca, Dr. K, and you, Packrat, in your montane aerie.

We here in the northern Piedmont got a coating of wet snow from about 5-7 p.m. last evening, then the precipitation turned to misty rain. There was still some snow on the ground when I raced down the stairs this morning to see what Santa brought, but we're supposed to have temperatures in the mid-40s under mostly sunny skies today, so the white stuff will be short lived.

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