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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Long Hike on a Grey Day

Somebody had lots of extra energy due to the cold weather
Becca and I got way into the outback this morning, a long trek under a totally overcast sky.  It wasn't exactly cold, but it was at least ten degrees cooler than yesterday.  Fortunately the wind wasn't blowing hard; otherwise we would have frozen body parts off.  We ran into Jimmy and Gregg on our way back.  They were coming down from the mountaintop, and we all hiked  together to the trailhead.  Becca was especially pleased to see her two human buddies, but soon stopped paying attention to them in favor of checking out desert scents.
New from old

Looking east up a large arroyo

A bit of sun highlights a rugged section of the Organ Mountains

Critter scout

What a tangled web nature weaves

Decent camouflage

Poor photo of a Sparrow Hawk

This crow made a "hawk-like" caw while flying overhead

Darker still


Dr. K said...

That last photo, with the yucca in the background, is beautiful.

packrat said...

Thanks, Dr. K.


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