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Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Hiker and Three Bikers

Getting started on the Sierra Vista Trail Norte
Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument was sparsely populated in the section we chose to explore this morning, and we ran into only a woman hiking with her dog and, later, three mountain bikers.  I suppose it was a little toasty for most casual outdoor enthusiasts, but Dr. K, Becca and I endured the hot and humid conditions in order to trek along the Sierra Vista Trail Norte to see how many Barrel Cacti we could find in full bloom.  Disappointingly there were only a few.  That will undoubtedly change within a couple of days.  We cut the hike a bit short--deciding not to head all the way to Black Mountain--because we wanted to make sure Becca didn't overheat.  She seemed to hold up pretty well, as did Dr. K and me.
Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument

Hoping to see more Barrel Cacti bloomed out

Getting pretty close to full blossoming

A single Ocotillo

Another view of the Organ Mountains

This Barrel Cactus flower is quite close to opening fully

Ocotillo forest

Beautiful morning in OMDPNM

One hot hiker

Clouds over the Organs

Another view of the Organ Mountains

No biking here

The trail ahead

Love the way color varies from Barrel Cactus to Barrel Cactus

Recent rains have chewed up the trail in places

Look at this beauty

Have a closer look

Four corners

Beautiful pattern

Lots of Barrel Cacti along this trail

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Gorgeous flowers of the barrel cactus, Packrat. It was nice to get out into the desert, even on a hot morning.

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