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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

It Was a Grand View

Dr. K, Becca and I got an early start on the Grand View Trail outside of High Rolls, New Mexico this morning, and during a 90-minute trek we only ran into a woman hiking with her Brown Lab--twice.  The 5 1/2-year-old Lab was undoubtedly swimming in the creek not long before we first encountered him because he was wet.  He was really funny in the way he tried to engage Becca in some dog play, but she didn't take the bait--neither time.  Our hike was very pleasant because the sky was overcast much of the time and there was a slight cooling breeze.  There's a 50% chance of rain today, and from the looks of the environment around here we really need it.
Quite overcast early on

In the driveway

Chihuahuan Flax (Linum vernale)

Some blue to the north

New growth

Blue over the treeline

Heard a bird in that tree, but never saw it

Crazy clouds

Tree again

Twin stalks of a Sotol

White Sands from the Grand View Trail

Another view of White Sands

Mexican Barberry

A touch of light on a mountain ridge

Ready to turn around

A little pine on a ledge


Beargrass (Nolina microcarpa)

Mexican Barberry

Mexican Barberry

Sedimentary ledge

Growing at the far right of the ledge

Dueling stalks

Heavy rock overhang appears to be supported by boulders underneath

Distant White Sands

A little closer look

Buffalo Gourd (Cucurbita foetidissima)

Buffal Gourd

Buffalo Gourd

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

That Buffalo Gourd flower was one of the only flowers we saw on this trail. I hope that when we get more rain we'll see more flowers--one of the best parts of hiking.

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