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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Quite Unpleasant Hike

These dead Soaptree Yucca trunks always remind me of ghosts
What do you get when you mix a 37-degree Fahrenheit temperature with no sun and a strong wind?  You get a morning not really suited for a long outing.  So it was a good thing that today is my shopping day; Becca and I were able to cut the hike short and get back to Whitey the CR-V before freezing our butts off.  That might be well and good for me since I have no real buns to speak of--just a couple of butt bones with a thin, onion-skin layer of flesh over them--but Becca wouldn't want to sacrifice her haunches because of cold weather.
Dreary day

Becca doing a little exploring off trail

Not sure if she sees something or is just posing

Weather conditions all day so far

The distant Franklin Mountains near El Paso

Weird clouds over the Franklins

Headed back after an abbreviated trek

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Too bad the weather was bad, but you did get some nice photos, especially the ones of the weird clouds over the Franklins.

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