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Thursday, January 3, 2019

More Snow for Las Cruces

What we awoke to this morning
Becca and I intentionally started off a little later than yesterday because we wanted to take advantage of the sun shining in the desert west of Tortugas Mountain.  We needed to do this because it was frigid outside (17F) and a stiff wind was blowing.  On the west side of the mountain we hiked along the arroyo until the trail intersected with one that heads up the slope.  We climbed until we reached the path that leads over to the ramada in the Sunset Area.  From there we climbed higher on the western flank, fully intending to trek along the high trail on the north side of the mountain; but the sun had yet to break over the mountain when we got there and the wind was really formidable, blowing almost fiercely across a snowy section of high desert.  That was enough to convince Becca that it was time to turn around, and I found myself in full agreement with her.
On the trail west of Tortugas

Yucca with a dusting of snow and Becca waiting patiently

Western foothills

Sun is already melting the snow

On the trail alongside the arroyo

Snow-covered flora

I've photographed this yucca a few times in snow

Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus covered in snow

Headed up the mountain

Shadow, light and snow

Snow lingering in a rugged section of the mountain

Somebody made an interesting cairn

Cairn at the old rock quarry

Got to hand it to this clever cairn creator

On the higher trail around Tortugas Mountain's north side

Becca deciding to turn around (I concurred)

Two images of the sun breaking over Tortugas Mountain (#1)


Flank of Tortugas, the low desert and the distant Organ Mountains

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

That's an interesting cairn that someone built. Nice photos of the beautiful snowy desert.

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