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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Going Down

Bushwhacking in the high country
Because of the sloppy muddy conditions in High Rolls Dr. K and I decided it would be best to head down to the lower desert to do our morning hike on the way home.  Right before we left, the Sacramento Mountains blessed us with a brief snow shower similar to the one we had yesterday.  The snow was just a powdered-sugar dusting, however, which was almost all gone by the time we left.  From Highway 70 we took Baylor Canyon Road along the western escarpment of the Organ Mountains, and, naturally, I had to stop for a few photographs.  We commenced our hike from the Monte Vista side of Tortugas Mountain, and weather conditions would have been really pleasant--sunny, blue sky with clouds--if the wind wasn't blowing so darned hard.  Nevertheless, we got in a nice trek before heading to our house.
Staying warm or burning the place down?

Sun coming up in the Sacramento Mountains

The longer view


Theatrical disguise

What's that?

Haynes Canyon (Dry Brush filter)

Life in the mountains

Rabbit Ears (center), Organ Mountains from the east

Organ Mountains from Baylor Canyon Road

This and the next four:  Organs from Baylor Canyon Road

This and the next:  Organ Mountains from behind Tortugas Mountain

Action shot

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Beautiful photos, Packrat, especially the one of the sun coming up in the Sacramento Mountains.

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