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Saturday, January 9, 2021

A Saturday Excursion

Soaptree Yuccas in Second Arroyo
We had a pleasant early morning trek up to Second Arroyo today.  Even though the temperature was just above freezing (33F) we didn't feel cold because the wind was absent and the sun shone down strongly.

We saw no other outdoor enthusiasts until we were nearly finished with our hike.  As we bushwhacked off LDR-A and came up onto a hill just north of the dirt road in the upper flatland I looked to the north and saw a man waving to me.  I waved back.  A moment later I saw his female companion.  It was the husband and wife (guessing) who we often encounter running on LDR.

After our exploration we all took a drive around a beautiful area southeast of our neighborhood, a ride we frequently take on a Saturday.

Willow and Frio

This and the next:  more Soaptree Yuccas in Second Arroyo

This and the next 4:  long view of the Organ Mountains

Last two:  road across the upper flatland


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like those long views of the Organ Mountains. Beautiful winter weather today.

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