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Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Warm Morning

Morning moon in B&W
On an initially cold morning (32F, felt like 25F) we did a normal hike up to First Arroyo.  Upon entering the arroyo the wind died down and the day began to warm.  Off came the ear coverings and gloves.  We drank some water, took a few photos, and then headed back.

As we neared the Tellbrook Arroyo we saw a person hesitate at the top of LDR, decide to hike east on the upper flatland road, and then descend LDR-A thereby avoiding us.  We passed heading in opposite directions, the ample space between the two dirt roads separating us.  I waved at him, but he didn't wave back; either he didn't notice my greeting or he wasn't very friendly.

We saw nobody else during our trek, and there were no vehicles parked in the Tellbrook/Sonoma Ranch lot when we got back to the waiting CR-V.

Intersections again

Dr. K with the Heelers


Frio and Willow



Yuccas with shadows and a tiny moon

Moon over desert hill

Soaptree Yucca leaves

Looking southwest across the Mesilla Valley


Desert moon again

The Dave Clark Five


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like these photos that you took of the moon, especially the one you captioned "Moon Over Desert Hill."

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