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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Another Rainy Desert Morning

At the dirt pullout just off Tellbrook
Not cold this morning, but, at first, drizzly, and then rainy.  We got wet during our outing, but not soaked.  We trekked all the way up to Second Arroyo, stopped in for water and a short break before heading back.

Both going and coming we saw the male half of the husband/wife jogging team; he preceded us up LDR, and then approached from behind as we were exiting Second Arroyo.  We stopped to let him pass because both Willow and Frio were too taken with him.  He's a very nice guy, and we exchanged greetings.  He always says to the Heelers, "Hi, guys."  They're used to him now so they don't bother to respond.

We made it to our waiting CR-V just before the sky dumped heavier rainwater on us.

Road along the upper flatland

Looking back up LDR-A at heavy cloud clover

Tortugas and the Organ Mountains

Clouds scraping the Organ Mountains

Willow and Frio

Sun trying to break through

Organ Mountains

Flank of Tortugas and the Organ Mountains

Organ Mountains

This and the next:  Frio and Willow


This and the next:  Organ Mountains

Dr. K with the Heelers

Frio and Willow

Who's doing the scratching?

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I can't imagine what animal made those scratch marks in the moist dirt.

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