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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Lost Photo-Op

This and the next 2:  young Red-tailed Hawk
While it was cold (24F) when we started our hike this morning the sun shone abundantly and there was no wind.  We were warm enough as we trekked up to First Arroyo.

Along the way I spotted a raptor in an Ocotillo, and I tried to angle around for a special shot--the hawk juxtaposed alongside the Tortugas Mountain Observatory--but the bird took off before I could attempt the capture.  From the looks of its short tail and wedge of red in the tail feathers I believe it's a young Red-tailed Hawk.

After a brief water break in First Arroyo we turned around and headed back to the waiting CR-V in the upper flatland.

This and the next:  yuccas and the Organs

Southwest across the Mesilla Valley

Moon over yucca leaves


Willow and Frio

This and the next:  Frio and Willow

This and the next: view of the Organs from Tellbrook Arroyo

West side of the Organ Mountains


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Nice photos of the Red-tailed Hawk. Even though it wasn't a cooperative subject, you were still able to get some nice shots.

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