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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Heading for 73

This and the next:  Soaptree Yucca on a hill
Beautiful morning in the desert today even though we got off to a rather cold (36F) start.  The sun shone brightly and the absence of wind made it feel warmer.  I never put my gloves on, and I removed my ear band almost immediately.

We hiked up to Second Arroyo, entered and stopped for water and a few photos, then headed back.  Amazingly there was nobody else out and about on this wonderful day.  Perhaps people were recovering from their pre-Superbowl parties.

We're slated to reach a high of 73F today, but the way it feels outside right now I wouldn't be surprised if we hit 75F.

Willow and Frio

This and the next:  long view of Tortugas and the Organs

This and the next:  Black-throated Sparrow

Semi-Heeler photobomb

Frio and Willow

Sun and Soaptree

Heelers with Dr. K

This and the next:  tree in Second Arroyo

Easy rider

Soaptree at the side of LDR

Yellow rock

This and the next:  Heeler heads

Rolling hill and the Robledos

Frio in Becca's crate


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Dr. K said...

I really like "Sun and Soaptree."

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