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Monday, October 18, 2021

A Faux Kerfuffle (a Kerfauxfel)

Vista from the Grand View Trail
As we were leaving the cabin this morning, while Willow and Frio ran free for the CR-V, Cowboy and Coop showed up.  Their presence set off a faux kerfuffle as Willow barked into Cowboy's face and Frio roughhoused with Coop.  Poor Cowboy didn't know what to make of Ms. Willow, but being the gentleman that he is he handled her misbehavior in stride.  Both Coop and Frio were perfectly happy with their interaction.  All worked out fine as Cowboy and Coop headed home and we three set off for a morning trek on the Grand View Trail.

The weather was wonderful for a hike on one of our favorite high country trails.  The only other hikers we encountered were two women--one elderly, one younger (her daughter, perhaps)--who were very friendly, the younger one asking if we were training the Heelers since we were giving them treats.  Since the women were heading out while we were heading back we never saw them again.

Because we did the whole trail we got in some decent exercise on this Monday morning.

White Sands National Park

Oak leaves

White Sands

Allthorn with Buckwheat (lower right)


Frio and Dr. K

Banana Yucca (left) and Sotol at edge of trail

White Sands from the Grand View

3,000 feet down to White Sands (elevation 4235')

My favorite cactus in rock

This & next 2:  Sacramentos near High Rolls/Mountain Park

Reproductive devices

Last 2:  Poplars near Orchard Loop

Grand View Trail

This & next:  view from Grand View

This & next 2:  high desert grasses


Mormon Tea

Frio and Willow

Chamisa, pines and mountains

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

It was a lovely hike this morning with our energetic Heelers. So many good photos here. I especially like the second photo of the high country grasses.

Grand View--Not

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