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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Back From the Mountain

Haynes Canyon
Because Dr. K's knee was bothering her we didn't do a morning hike today; instead I took Willow and Frio (separately) around our property and into the adjacent forest.  Both of our Heelers had a chance to play with Coop, our nearest neighbor's Heeler.  Boy did they all have fun.

After I brought Frio back inside I went out to do a little exploring of an elk trail directly behind our cabin.  It looks like a good prospect for future explorations with the dogs.

After our morning outings Dr. K and I packed up and headed back down the mountain to our lower desert home.  It's always said to leave the high country.


Willow and Coop

Three-leaf Sumac

Fallen tree

Local color

Trees in our forest

Practical joke alert:  find the owl

Frio and Coop

This & next:  Coop

View from our property

Exploring a trail near the cabin

Mountain home

More color

Frio and Willow in the front yard


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I love the photo of Cooper where he's lying down in our yard.

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