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Sunday, February 6, 2022

A Nineteen Degree Windchill

Small tree near the new arroyo
Although it wasn't as cold this morning a stiff breeze dropped the temperature from 27F actual to 19F with the windchill.  It was pretty uncomfortable until the brilliant sunshine warmed me up.

Heelers didn't seem to mind the chill, intent on IDing the scent of as many desert denizens as they could.  They definitely were a bit out of control, and I had to exert effort to hold them back.

We didn't see any critters of the human variety today; there weren't even any vehicles in the Tellbrook/Sonoma Ranch corner lot.

Interestingly shaped Soaptree Yucca

How to calculate distance between large yuccas?

Torrey west of the mountains

Frio and Willow heading up an arroyo

Soaptree and the Organs

Frio and Willow

This & next 2:  Willow and Frio at rest in the right branch

Hill west of the Organ Mountains

Sphinx-like Soaptree Yucca

Willow in her Orvis


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Such cute photos of the Heelers, especially images #9 and #10.

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