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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Aborted Trek

First 2:  Barrel Cactus in snow
Due to extremely cold temps, ice and some snow we had to abort our morning hike today.  I did take both Frio and Willow, separately, up and down our arroyo to give them a bit of exercise and allow them to do their business.

When I was out with Frio the snow was coming down in small pellets; when I was with Willow the flakes had gotten a bit bigger.  We had, at most, 1/2" when we woke up this morning.  I doubt we'll get much more.

Temperatures will stay really cold, however, and we're worried about the cabin, where the low tonight will be 5F.

Our "new" stretch of fence

Headed down our arroyo

This & next:  Frio in our arroyo

Soaptree Yuccas in snow

This & next:  Willow in our arroyo

This & next:  a very, very, very fine house

Mesquite on our arroyo bank


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I love those first two photos of the Barrel Cactus in snow.

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