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Friday, February 18, 2022

Breeze to Wind

First 2:  part of the Osmond Family
Right before we left home this morning my weather app clocked the wind at 4 mph; but when we began our hike at the trailhead the wind was at least 10 mph or slightly higher.  I had my ear band on already, and the gloves came out less than a minute into the trek.

Fortunately, the area where we've been hiking of late is sheltered from the wind so we began to warm up pretty quickly.  Nevertheless, I didn't remove the ear covering until we were just about to exit Right Branch Arroyo.

Frio and Willow don't ever seem agitated by the wind, but the swaying movement of low plants summons their attention to what they think might be critters on the run, and the Heelers are ready to spring into action whenever the need arises.

Very prickly Prickly Pear

This & next:  Left Branch Arroyo tree in B&W and color

This & next:  Torrey Yuccas

Last 2:  Frio and Willow



Dr. K said...

I like the photo of the very prickly Prickly Pear. It's amazing that some animals (cows, javalina, etc) are able to chow down on those pads.

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