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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Bit of a Respite

Early sky over the Organ Mountains
Weather conditions were better this morning for our hike:  72F, clouds and a slight breeze.  We did our normal route down LDR-A arroyo, east on the east/west cross trail, up left branch, down middle branch, and then up and out of the right branch.

We skipped many of our regular resting spots due to the presence of too many ants.  I did stop quite a few times for photo-ops.

Even though it wasn't too hot during our outing it always feels good to hop back into the CR-V and crank up the old air conditioning for the ride home.

This & next:  Ocotillos and clouds

This & next:  shadow and light

This & next:  long view across the Mesilla Valley

I see North America

Barrel Cactus buds

Looking down the middle branch

More Barrel Cactus buds

Buds and a few flowers on Allthorn (Koeberlinea spinosa)

This & next:  triple Barrel Cactus

Willow and Frio with Dr. K's feet


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I love the first photo you call Shadow and Light.

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