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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Holy Hike!

Starting off on the Sierra Vista Trail
Dr. K, Becca and I were up early to do a long trek on the Sierra Vista Trail at the base of the Organ Mountains this morning.  The weather was perfect, mildly cool with a slight breeze.  Although we saw a man and woman hiking the trail back to the trailhead on Soledad Canyon Road we never caught up with them. We did cross paths with a mountain biker just before we got to the parking lot.  The only downside to the extra long hike was that Becca appears to be limping again, and we're hoping she didn't re-injure herself.
A long way to go

Somebody's mountain home

At the midway point

Lushly-populated arroyo

Another section of a huge arroyo

The trail through the arroyo

No cacti kleptomaniacs allowed


Caroline said...

I hope Becca is OK!

Dr. K said...

It was nice to do a longer hike than usual on this trail.

Scott said...

On our 86-degree day last Wednesday, we had a large dog collapse along one of our trails, causing the frantic owner to call us for help. We were worried that the dog had collapsed from heat exhaustion, but it turned out that the dog had very bad arthritis and simply couldn't go on. (We got our ORV and took the dog back to the owner's car at the trailhead.) I hope you don't have to carry Becca!

packrat said...


Becca's got so much energy she doesn't even know she may have re-injured herself.

packrat said...


That's sad to hear. We've dealt with our share of old dog's with arthritis. Hoping Becca's is just a muscle pull or sprained elbow.

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