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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Out of the East

East of Tortugas Mountain
Dr. K, Becca and I started off from the Monte Vista area of the Tortugas Mountain Trail System, then began a clockwise circuit of the mountain on the inner loop.  We soon ran into a woman hiking with two Pitbulls (both on leads), and we had a friendly encounter.  She was walking so slowly in front of us, though, that we altered our track, heading straight away from the mountain in the direction of the Organs.  We did a long trek on the tablelands east of the mountain before returning to our car. It was a beautiful warm morning.  We're under a high-wind warning for tomorrow.
Waiting for lolligaggers

Packrat and an impatient Becca

The noble canine


Dr. K said...

Becca thinks that she owns that mountain.

Scott said...

Nice blue, cloudless skies there, Packrat. We had a (rare) day like that on Saturday, and Kali commented that "I hope we have lots of days like this in Colorado." The "Eastern gray" gets old.

packrat said...

It's funny how you get used to blue sky and sun, Scott. I don't think I could live back East again, where you often have days and days of gray sky. The high humidity and rain would get to me, too, though God knows we need the precipitation here.

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