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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Easy First Leg

The view from near the trailhead
The spring-like weather this morning went to our heads, and Dr. K, Becca and I kept going and going on the Sierra Vista Trail as it sloped gently to the south toward El Paso.  When we realized how far we had gone while enjoying ourselves we turned around and headed back.  But we had already expended more than half a tank of energy, so the return trip was a little tiring.  Not for Becca, of course, who seems to have her own internal generator, which keeps her always full of energy for hiking.
Just getting started

Heading south

Distant sighting of a Mule Deer

There are two Mule Deer does

The horizontal black shadow is a large, deep arroyo

The rugged high desert

Barrel Cactus clones

The red dot represents where we came from

Bright sun and contrails

Shade break

Pyrrhuloxia (Desert Cardinal)

Dr. K in the wilderness

Packrat and Becca (way in the background)

There she is


Dr. K said...

Beautiful photo of the desert cardinal.

packrat said...

Thanks, Dr. K.


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