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Friday, March 27, 2015

End of Spring Break

I took this same image yesterday to compare flower numbers
Surprisingly we went through a week of spring break with very few students frequenting the mountain; last year they swarmed the area.  Perhaps they found a better place to go.  No problem for Becca and me, though, because we like the solitude.  We didn't run into one other soul out there today even though there were two cars in the parking lot when we got back to the Sunset Area.  I count fifteen flowers blooming in that first image.  Have to go back to yesterday's photo to count the blossoms.
Looking west out of the foothills

The middle trail

Enormous Prickly Pear Cactus pads

Something's in the air

Looking back at the Tortoise

Bosom buds

Closing in on the mountain

Into the foothills now


Dr. K said...

Amazing how much the cacti can change just over a one-day time span.

Scott said...

I need to look at you posts on my iPad all the time; the Retina display is so much better than the resolution on my computer monitor. The cactus flowers are stunning! (But I would have cropped the yellow flower on the left out of the image.)

I can't believe how late some schools have spring break. I'm at the University of Delaware right now, and their spring break starts today. My spring break was the first week of March! Of course, I'll be done teaching at the end of April whereas the UDel students won't be finished until May 18.

packrat said...

Thanks, Scott. Dr. K's spring break was two weeks ago, but she won't be completely done with the semester until May 15th. The end of April would be much better!

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