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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Grand Hike on the Grand View

Getting started on the Grand View Trail
We took a wonderful hike on the Grand View Trail this morning, then got back in time to do some excavation work on the water meter to our well.  Because we're in a "critical water zone" we are required to report quarterly the amount of water we use here at the cabin.  Heavy precipitation in recent months has caused mud to nearly cover the meter.  Before we started on the work we were able to play with Cowboy, the only one of our neighbors' dogs who came to visit and play with Becca.
Eager to get going

Rails-to-Trails ramada at the midway point

White Sands in the distance

Sacramento Mountains near High Rolls/Mountain Park

Pausing to ponder the great scheme of things canine

Land form called a "mesa" (Sp. = "table")

Approaching the end of this trail leg

Skeleton of an elk cow

The skull

Closeup of the elk's teeth


Bench in the ramada

Scrub Jay in a pinyon pine


Through the Shinto shrine

Cowboy, Packrat and Becca

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

That scrub jay looks very well fed--I'm glad of that.

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