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Monday, February 12, 2018

Adiós, Tierra Alta

Early morning, High Rolls
Dr. K, Becca and I packed up this morning for our return to the low desert, but not before we did a last hike on the Grand View Trail prior to heading down.  It was a good trek because the weather was perfect and we ran into no other outdoor enthusiasts.  I got some decent photos during our outing including a few shots of Sandhill Cranes flying in formation.  Whenever we see cranes we think of Bosque del Apache, but these aviators were heading in the opposite direction.  They may have been off course or flying to another sanctuary.
Getting a whiff of something

High country living

You talking to me?

Sacramento Mountains from High Rolls

Looks kind of like a Robin



This and the next three:  Sandhill Cranes

Becca on the Grand View Trail

Heading for the gap

The work of an old railroad crew

Grass lining the trail and Becca at work

Grass and juniper

Sotol (Dasylirion wheeleri), a member of the Lily Family

Alongside the trail

Find the Sagebrush Sparrow

Somebody left a Buffalo Gourd at the midway ramada

Banana Yuccas on a slope

This and the next three:  Townsend's Solitaire (Myadestes townsendi)

Becca enjoying a treat after our hike

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

It was a real treat to see the Sandhill Cranes. Their flying formations are fascinating to watch.

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