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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Lincoln National Forest

Auditioning for an action movie
Another early hike on the Grand View Trail for Dr. K, Becca and me this morning.  The temperature was much more in keeping with the season during our trek, climbing into the low-40s by the time we were done.  We ran into no humans during our outing, but we did encounter the handsome male dog pictured here.  We've run into him and a buddy of his several times, and this guy--who looks to be part Chow--is very friendly, and he seems to really like Becca.  She seems quite attracted to him as well.
Is this my better profile?

Becca leading the pack

Oops--better check on the peeps

In color




Above the White Sands

Through the forest to the mountains

Dr. K and Becca (in the distance)

Light and shadow in the Tularosa Basin

Trinity Site

White Sands from the Sacramentos

Passing the ramada

Doing some research

High Rolls/Mountain Park area

Looking toward the Tularosa Basin and White Sands


Sun breaking through

Along the Grand View Trail

Tularosa Basin


Looking into the Tularosa Basin

Yuccas and ancient junipers

Secret meeting in the forest

He really likes Becca

No caption required

A couple of cuties

What a handsome guy

Wish he was ours

Becca would like to adopt him, too

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like how well you captured the beauty of this landscape, Packrat. That Chow is such a handsome (and friendly) dog.

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