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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Giro di Giovedi

Just past full and photobombed by a distant bird
Ciao a miei cugini in Germania se loro ancora leggere questo blog. :)

Becca and I really extended our hike (uno giro o una camminata) this morning west of Tortugas Mountain.  We headed far out on the road that goes back toward the city, looped around to the south, and then struck up an arroyo that runs out of the western flank of the mountain.  When we reached the portion of the wash that's intersected by the Crosscut Trail we turned south again until we hit the outer loop road, which we followed back to Tortugas.  After heading south for about a half mile we climbed east on the trail that leads into the upper foothills.  Our most interesting encounter was early on with a Roadrunner in the high foothills.  I'm fairly certain it's the one we often bump into in this section of the desert.  He (I'll say) isn't spooked by us at all.  He was on the far side of a Prickly Pear Cactus when Becca passed within three feet of him.  It wasn't until he moved slightly that I noticed him.  He's quite a ham, too, posing while I took several photos of him.
Looking back at the way we've just come

We'll soon be bushwhacking past that lone yucca

How rugged are the foothills?

Just west of Tortugas Mountain

Alternate view


Torrey Yuccas on the mountain's west side

Keeping an eye open

Living on the edge (of the desert)

I think this is the Roadrunner we often encounter in the western foothills

He's not at all afraid of us

Becca passed within three feet of him before I took notice

Heading further west

Northern Chihuahuan Desert

Torrey Yuccas on a hill

Yuccas and the distant Potrillo Mountains

About to strike east up an arroyo toward the mountain

Tall Soaptree Yucca

More Soaptree Yuccas

Same yuccas, slightly different perspective

Banana Yucca

Banana Yucca and bird (probably a Black-throated Sparrow)

Becca in the arroyo

West down the arroyo

Yuccas in the arroyo

Becca loves exploring arroyos

Scoping out the territory

A huge Ocotillo at the side of the arroyo

Distant hiker with a younger version of Becca (we've run into them before)

On the road around the mountain

Sand Bells already in bloom on February 1st

Sand Bells (Nama hispidum)

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