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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

One Hump or Two?

Hard to fathom in two dimensions how steep this is
Becca and I got an early start west of Tortugas Mountain again this morning, and although there were quite a few other outdoor enthusiasts around the mountain we only encountered one hiker, a woman we see fairly often.  We did notice a group of strangely outfitted young people standing in the desert at the far side of a major east/west arroyo, but we couldn't discern what they were doing--perhaps participating in some sort of drill (ROTC?).  On the way home we noticed JC and Olivia's Honda Pilot parked at the side of the road near the levee, but we didn't see them.
How do you turn your head like that?

Through the high grassland

Torrey Yuccas on the west side of Tortugas Mountain

People in strange outfits

Were they conducting some sort of drill?

Soaptree Yucca, Tortugas Mountain and the Organ Mountains

Mormon Tea

Leafless Ocotillos west of Tortugas

Heading east back to the mountain

More Ocotillos

White-winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica)

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

The warm weather continues here in the low desert. I'm enjoying it, but it might not bode well for the health of the planet.

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