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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pleasant Morning Trek

Single yucca west of the mountain
Becca and I got a fairly early start on our trek west of Tortugas Mountain this morning.  It was about 40F when we started off, and I'd guess it was slightly above 50F when we finished up.  We did an extended hike, bushwhacking a bit in the outback before I realized I didn't feel like exploring off the beaten track too much.  On the way in we spotted JC and Olivia heading back to their car; Becca and I were on a ridge west of the mountain when I snapped the photos of those two Kentucky Wildcats.  By the time we caught up with them they were talking to our buddy Jimmy, who, of course, Becca was delighted to see.  He always goes out of his way to make Becca feel like a valued member of the Desert Critter Club.  Jimmy was headed to the mountaintop so we all chatted briefly before heading our separate ways.
Triple play

Becca staring at a distant mountain biker

Distant mountain biker

Soaptree Yucca alongside the road heading west

Becca on the road

At first I thought she was staring at a raptor

The raptor

Walking the horses along Geothermal Road

Nice morning for a ride

A little nap in the saddle

Looks like fun

And away we go

Ladder-backed Woodpecker (Picoides scalaris)

Ladder-backed Woodpecker on old Soaptree Yucca seed pods

A couple of Wildcats heading away from us

Only one Wildcat saw us when I whistled

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

A busy hike this morning, Packrat. How nice to see all of the animal and human critters.

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