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Saturday, November 17, 2018

A Good Buddy

Organ Mountains early morning
Becca and I started our hike on the far side of the mountain fairly early this morning, and we encountered only one other outdoor enthusiast behind Tortugas--a mountain biker named Jorge who we see fairly often on the trails.  We didn't see anybody else until we ran into our buddy Jimmy when we were almost finished with our trek.  As usual Becca was elated to see him.  A big part of the reason she likes Jimmy so much is that he likes her, and he always takes time to pet her thoroughly whenever we encounter each other.  He and I stood talking for a good while until finally parting company.  He was setting off on a long hike south of the mountain, and we were heading home.
North side of Tortugas

Strange contrails

Rugged western face of the Organ Mountains

Huge boulder outcrops

Swinging around to the south side of the mountain

Becca leading the way

The mark of . . .

Normal driving conditions

Out of her lane

Strange cloud/Tortugas Mountain

Curious clouds and contrails over the Organs

Serrated edge

About to enter the yucca forest

Perhaps a shredded contrail?

Close to the yuccas

Another distant look at the Organs

Organs otra vez

Clouds were doing strange things this morning

Had to take a long-range shot

I think it's a Lesser Goldfinch

Shows the characteristics of a Lesser Goldfinch

Crazy clouds

Dangerous climbing there


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Beautiful clear blue sky in all of these photos. We're lucky to not be in CA with the bad air quality as a result of those terrible fires.

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