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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Day Two Sans Dog

Fruit of the Hail Tree (from yesterday's storm)
I got a fairly early start on this morning's hike, unfortunately without Becca who is on the mend.  Her leg is much better today, and she has only a slight limp.  I've already taken her out into the arroyo twice already, and she's due for an afternoon pee break in a few minutes.  I'm not going to let her pressure me into an early return to her hiking routine, though; the soonest she can get back is next Wednesday.  It was chilly when I set off today, about 40F.  I was dressed appropriately, however, and not even a persistent breeze could deter me from a somewhat long trek.  I took the opportunity to bushwhack into a few areas I'm reluctant to permit Becca to enter, including getting pretty close to a large den I want to explore further--perhaps tomorrow.
This morning's sunrise

Hiking along the arroyo on the mountain's west side

Early morning sky

Yucca and clouds

Getting a little sun

Van Gogh sky

Strawberry Hedgehog

This way to the mountain road

Reflections of branches in a small pool of water

Yucca on the west side of Tortugas

I'll try to explore this den tomorrow

Road west of the mountain

Cactus Wren's nest in the right-side Soaptree Yucca stalk

A little closer look

A toppled yucca trunk

A look through the toppled yucca trunk

Loop road

Sky reflected in a puddle left from yesterday's rain

Ocotillo branches reflected in the puddle

Stalking the killer cottontail

Same Desert Cottontail


Making a point


Cactus Wren

Becca on lead in our arroyo

In our driveway in front of the garage

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Beautiful photo of this morning's sunrise. I also really like the photos of the cactus wren.

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