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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Quattro Giorni Senza Cane

Sunrise this morning
Did a solo hike east of Tortugas Mountain this morning, and I hiked a lot further than originally planned.  The sky was so dynamic early that I couldn't help but take multiple images of it.  The weather was warm enough to require only a lightweight vest over a long-sleeve shirt, and my ExOfficio hiking trousers kept me from getting scratched during my occasional bushwhacks.  I didn't venture far off the beaten path, though, only far enough to get a different perspective on several images I wanted to capture.  My best hiking companion, Becca, had to stay at home again today, and I know for a fact she was not thrilled about missing another trek.
Monte Vista side of the mountain

Organ Mountains

Flank of Tortugas

This and the next two:  Rock Wren

Sky to the southeast

Sky to the south

Around the back of the mountain

Golden Crownbeard


Horsetail clouds

Torrey Yucca forest

Trail behind the mountain

Organs again

Golden Crownbeard

Ocotillo still blossoming

Rugged Organs

Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus mounds and yuccas

Variable sky this morning

Small cave/rock shelter


Yucca and Ocotillo

Rock shelter

Rock shelter

How many cactus mounds do you see?


Hedgehog Cactus

Organ Mountains and the village of Talavera

Cactus spines

Double Barrel

This way to the mountains

Another view of the rugged Organs

Chihuahuan Desert west of the Organ Mountains

Barrel full of fruit

Closeup of the Barrel Cactus fruit

Pobre Becca

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

It's pretty amazing how many rock shelters and small caves there are in this rugged area.

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