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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Life Goes On

The trail out of the Sunset Area
When Becca and I were on the final leg of our trek this morning a critter flashed across the trail in front of us; it was moving fast, so it only registered subliminally that it was a Coyote.  We quickly climbed a small hillock to the north of us just in time to get a quick glimpse of the departing Canis latrans.  When a Coyote isn't curious enough about you to stop and take a good look it's going be be damned near impossible to get good images of it.  I did my best, but, sadly, failed.  My spirits were slightly buoyed by the encounter, though, seeing as how we discovered a dead Coyote yesterday not a half mile distant from the one today.
Found this a mile into the hike (Made me scratch my noggin)

Wispy clouds over the flank

A familiar way up the mountain

Tres yuccas

This and the next two:  Rock Wren puffball

Ocotillo and Torrey Yucca growing side by side

Sun through a Soaptree Yucca

Break time for Becca

Sandy section of Chihuahuan Desert

More Soaptree Yuccas

This Coyote flashed in front of us on the trail this morning

Stopped long enough for me to take a lousy photo

Crap photo, but something about it appeals to me

So long, Wile E.

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I love those photos of the rock wren, Packrat. And I'm glad you and Becca were able to observe a coyote, even very fleetingly.

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