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Monday, November 19, 2018

A Trickster's Demise

Getting an early start this morning
Becca and I were hiking in an arroyo west of Tortugas Mountain when she picked up a strong scent; I had to call her off because she was intent on tracking it down.  Immediately afterward I discovered the dead Coyote pictured below.  It had crawled beneath a small mesquite tree to die.  On the rare occasion when we discover a dead Trickster out in the desert I almost always immediately blame the death on a fellow member of my species, either through shooting or poisoning.  That's how little regard I have for mankind.  And I always assume the culprit is male because I doubt many women would delight in killing an innocent wild animal.  Needless to say, this discovery put the kibosh on having a good time on our morning trek.
Most Ocotillos have lost their leaves

What could make such a small track?

Not my idea of a tasty breakfast

One dead yucca trunk

Soaptree Yucca expended seed pods

Dead yucca trunk with new growth at base

Remnants of a dead Soaptree Yucca

I couldn't resist

The difference between Soaptree Yuccas . . .

. . . and Torrey Yuccas

Becca on break

This and the next:  Cactus Wren nest in Ocotillo

Dead Coyote

The crowd Becca and I had to navigate around

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Dr. K said...

That's a cute face on the dead Soaptree Yucca, Packrat.

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