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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Friendly Wrens

The yucca in background is twice as tall as this one
It wasn't as cold when Becca and I got started on our morning trek:  29F.  And, fortunately, there was little wind.  Because of the bright sunshine we were plenty warm, and we did an extended hike west of the mountain, taking the westside trail into the upper foothills, crossing up to the road to the crest, and then following the road back down to where it intersected with the trail leading to the Sunset Area ramada.  There were a few other outdoor enthusiasts enjoying the crisp desert air, but we didn't run into anybody.  Got home early enough to call CenturyLink and talk to an actual "real" agent in order to cancel the repair "ticket" that was issued for a technician to come to our house today to discover the cause of the constant buzz/hum we have on our telephone line.  I cancelled the ticket because I think I'm going to close my account with CenturyLink.  I hope none of my thousands of followers have the misfortune of using CenturyLink for their phone service needs.
What rushing rainwater can do to a trail

West of Tortugas

Alongside the mountain road

How much would you pay for this fixer-upper?

Into the high foothills

High altitude cactus garden

Alien life form with antennae

Steep dropoff

Parry's Agave

Flower and shadow

Computer-enhanced flower and shadow

Becca nearing the mountain road

This and the next five:  two different Rock Wrens

Rock Wren exorcism

Desert Rorschach

Utility road

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I especially like the photos of the rock wrens, Packrat. Wish I could have hiked with you and Becca this morning.

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