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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Way Below Freezing

Hiking in the high foothills west of Tortugas
We hit 18 or 19 Fahrenheit overnight, and it was 20F when Becca and I headed out for an abbreviated hike west of Tortugas Mountain.  I dressed appropriately--ExOfficio hiking trousers, long-sleeve shirt, vest and a Primaloft jacket rated from 35F to -15F, gloves and a Columbia ball cap with fold-down ear flaps--and it still felt pretty cold out there.  Becca, dressed in her normal garb, didn't shiver at all in the morning chill.  She did her trembling at the vet this afternoon when I took her in for her annual checkup and rattlesnake vaccination.  The Beckster is doing fine, but she put on a few pounds, so today she's officially on a new diet.  No human handouts for her; instead, she'll get to snack on fresh-cut green beans, which, for your information, she likes just fine.

Becca enjoying a morning trek

Odd-looking Torrey Yucca

Why the long face, Becca?

Sandy section of Chihuahuan Desert

Bishop Cap across an expanse of desert

Closer look

Got carried away photographing a friendly Cactus Wren

House Finches in an Ocotillo

House Finces

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I love the markings on that cactus wren. He/she was nice enough to pose for you.

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