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Friday, November 30, 2018

Wind Advisory

About halfway through our trek this morning, just as I was about to remove my Marmot PreCip jacket in order to take off my vest, the wind picked up big time.  Within a minute Becca and I were in the center of a small dust storm.  Clouds covered the sun, and the temperature began to drop steeply from the 48 degree mark it was hovering at near the start of our hike.  I'd planned to extend our trek a bit further this morning, but conditions degenerated so quickly Becca and I just turned around and headed back to the CR-V waiting at the trailhead.  I almost forgot to mention that it began to rain on our inbound leg and we got a little wet before reaching "Whitey."  On the drive home the rain came down harder, but it didn't last long.
Looking clear early on

Still looking good

Looking north across part of Las Cruces


Loggerhead Shrike

Here comes the weather

We won't make the high foothills today

Something coming in from the west

Check out that sky

Weather conditions beginning to deteriorate

Clouds getting pretty thick

South to bad weather

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like the different shades of blue in the mountain landscapes.

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