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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Combo Hike

This and the next 2:  Black-throated Sparrow
This morning Becca and I did something we've done quite a bit of late:  combine elements of on-trail treking with segments of bushwhacking to make a combo hike.  This way we manage to get in some decent exercise along with explorations that allow for intimate inspection of our desert environment.  The benefits of increased opportunities for photos for me and native critter scents for her are abundant.

We saw other outdoor enthusiasts on and about the mountain, but we had only one direct encounter; as we finished our last section of bushwhacking we emerged onto Geothermal Road just as Courtney and her dog Pepper were passing by.  Courtney and I said hello while Pepper and Becca greeted each other.  It was a brief interaction before we all went our separate ways.  When we got home later I happened to notice some plants getting interesting around our hacienda and I took some photos of them; they appear below.

Used the "Dry Brush" filter and got an interesting concentric circle effect

Prickly Pear flowers

Soaptree Yucca

Becca in one of her favorite break spots

Soaptree Yuccas

Looking south

This and the next 3:  Soaptree Yuccas

Strawberry Hedgehog

Coral-colored blossoms?

More Soaptree Yuccas

Prickly Pear flower

Prickly Pear flowers

Desert Bird of Paradise

House Finch

Red Yucca starting to flower

This and the rest:  Tree Cholla flowers

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Nice that the red yuccas are starting to flower. I hope we get to see some hummingbirds feeding off of the flowers.

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