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Saturday, May 18, 2019

A Monte Vista Mood

Lots of B&W stuff today
Even though there was only one vehicle in the Sunset Area parking lot this morning, Becca and I decided to head around to the east side of Tortugas Mountain for our trek; one car was parked in the lot near the Monte Vista ramada.  Just after we started off on the loop trail on the north side a mountain biker who we see fairly often came up behind us.  He greeted us warmly and wished us a good hike.  As soon as we wrapped around to the south side of the mountain we encountered a lone hiker.  Those two outdoor enthusiasts and one other distant biker were the only people we saw back there.

The Beckster and I did a moderately long trek interrupted by one extra-long break in the shadow of Becca's favorite yucca behind the mountain.  It offers a fair bit of shade and outstanding vistas so she can keep an eye out for other people and animals.  After the respite we followed the narrow trail south to the lower desert and then around the loop trail on the east side of the mountain.  When we got back to the trailhead we noticed that the same car that was there when we started off was still there.
Heading around to the back of the mountain

Above boulders in color

A bit early to see this Rainbow Cactus blooming


Don't worry about what I'm staring at

Potsherds, but contemporary ones

Sotol putting up flower stalks

Shade break

On the horizon:  Bishop Cap (left), Franklin Mountains (right)

B&W Yuccas #1

B&W Yuccas #2

Torrey Yucca

Becca still on break

Torrey Yucca in B&W

Black-throated Sparrow


Gotta keep an eye out

These outcrops are nearly the size of a small house

This and the next:  nearly compact-car size boulder on the north side

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Dr. K said...

I wonder if someone dumped those potsherds in the hopes of fooling people?

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