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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Bushwhack or Not to Bushwhack

A view from LDR-A
When we took LDR-A down to the major east/west arroyo this morning we decided to head east in it and begin bushwhacking to the northeast almost immediately.  We headed up several different arroyos that I had explored with the Heelers months ago, eventually making our way west over to LDR before going back.

We did the bushwhacking because Willow had picked up the scent of a dog that had preceded us up the trail and she refused to let it go.  The only way to get her to stop pulling ahead was to alter our route.

On the way up LDR-A on our return we encountered a woman running with her dog; we went far enough off trail and gave treats while they passed to keep Willow from going haywire.  We're just going to have to keep up with the giving treats routine until she gets the message about her behavior.

This and the next:  Hairy False Goldenaster

One of the arroyos we explored

My three favorite hiking companions

Narrowing down

Soaptree and a view

This and the next 3:  3 1/2' Barrel Cactus

Frio and Willow

Another arroyo

Frio says, "I see an ant."

Shady arroyo

Track of a large snake

Could be the same Swainson's Hawk I photographed a few days ago

This and the next:  headed back up LDR-A

This and the next:  Heelers

Small Barrel Cactus

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like the photos of the Hairy False Goldenaster. What an interesting name that is.

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