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Sunday, April 18, 2021

A Winter's Day, Day Two

All "clouds over the Organs" unless otherwise captioned
Very cold overnight and into the morning hours; our furnace came on several times before dawn.  It was 46F with a stiff wind when Frio, Willow and I started our trek.  Although the Heelers stuck with their regular outerwear I had a long-sleeve shirt, trousers, a vest and my Marmot PreCip on.  I had to don my gloves before we'd hiked very far.

I thought about abbreviating the hike due to the miserable conditions, but surprised myself by trekking all the way to First Arroyo.  We popped inside for a very short respite before heading back.

Perhaps the biggest surprise on this wintry morning was the discovery of two separate clumps of Claret Cup Hedgehog Cacti blooming fairly profusely; they are pictured below.

All red flowers are Claret Cup Cactus

Frio and Willow

All birds are Turkey Vultures

Frio and Willow

Mormon Tea blossoming


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Gorgeous photos of the clouds over the Organs. I especially like the ones with the sun streaming through the clouds.

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