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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Back to Desert Bushwhacking

This and the next:  morning moon
Frio, Willow and I headed down LDR-A, crossed the Tellbrook Arroyo, went up LDR a smidge before heading east on a trail that leads to an arroyo we've explored before.

We followed that arroyo into the hills south of the ridgeline above First Arroyo, tracked eastward for quite a ways before dropping down into Second Arroyo.

Both dogs were extremely well behaved this morning, which makes the hike a lot more pleasant for everyone involved.

Moon through Mesquite

Whitethorn Acacia along LDR-A

This and the next:  Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus


Yucca drumstick

This and the next:  Soaptree Yuccas

This and the next 2:  Frio and Willow


This and the next:  vast stretch of Chihuahuan Desert

Adolescent Fishhook Barrel Cactus

Bushwhacking over to Second Arroyo


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Dr. K said...

I like the photo you captioned Moon Through Mesquite.

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