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Friday, April 2, 2021

Avoiding Scents

Lone tree in an arroyo
When Willow picks up a scent--as she did early on this morning--it can make for a difficult outing.  That's exactly what happened as soon as we crossed the Tellbrook Arroyo and began heading up LDR to First Arroyo.  Her sniffing and pulling got so bad that I decided to jog west into an area we've explored before in hopes she'd lose the scent.

It worked.  We were able to bushwhack over to the new arroyo and follow it and other arroyos up to the entrance to First Arroyo where we entered and took a short break before heading back.

Unfortunately Willow picked up the scent again--probably of a dog that had passed along LDR fairly recently--and she pulled all the way back to the Tellbrook Arroyo.  Frio got in on the pulling act as well so as not to be left in the lurch.  All in all it wasn't a terrible experience, but it wasn't one of the best, either.

Wide arroyo

Soaptree Yucca with shadows

Another tree in another arroyo

Hazy due to high winds yesterday

More Soaptrees

The rest:  Willow and Frio at rest in First Arroyo


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Great photos of our rascals Willow and Frio.

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