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Monday, July 19, 2021

Almost Brutal Out There

This & the next:  upper flatland road
Dr. K came along with us on our morning trek today up to Second Arroyo and back.  The sun beat down on us, the humidity was high, and no real breeze lifted to ameliorate the heat.  Everybody involved in the trek felt pretty miserable.

By the time we were ascending LDR back into the upper flatland both Dr. K and I were sweating profusely.  It was quite an unpleasant experience considering that yesterday Willow, Frio and I got soaked by early morning rain.

Being thoroughly wet is not a good feeling, but it certainly beats getting baked by the summer sun.


This & the next:  Ocotillos and clouds

Creosote is blooming all over the desert

Littleleaf Ratany (Krameria erecta)

Organ Mountains backdrop


Littleleaf Ratany

Fruit starting to ripen on a Prickly Pear Cactus

This & the next:  Creosote in flower

Willow and Frio in Second Arroyo

This & the next:  Creosote blooming in Second Arroyo

This & the next:  more Creosote flowering

Heelers with Dr. K

Desert floor foreground, Tortugas and the Organs behind

This & the next 2:  Unicorn Plant (Proboscidea Althaeifolia)

The long view:  Creosote and Ocotillos


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Gorgeous close-up of the Littleleaf Ratany. I love that shade of purple.

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