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Thursday, July 8, 2021


Gopher Snake (Pituophus catenifer)
Driving through construction on Tellbrook to get to the trailhead was a real pain in the butt this morning; but we managed.

It was quite hot and muggy when we started our trek, the sun beating down mercilessly and the high humidity making us feel like we were broiling.  Even the slight breeze didn't ameliorate the heat very much.

We hiked up to First Arroyo, encountering the Gopher Snake pictured here not long after crossing the Tellbrook Arroyo.  The dogs never even noticed it while I stood photographing the individual.

After a shade and water break in First Arroyo we headed back.  Along the way Willow went over to sniff what looked like a toad-shaped rock, but what was, in reality, a desiccated toad.  I'm guessing it was a Chihuahuan Green Toad that unfortunately got baked by the sun.  I think they usually only come out at night.

Made it back through construction on the way home, but I've pretty much determined to hike elsewhere for a while until the construction has moved eastward closer to the mountains.

Tapered tail

Rounded rather than triangular-shaped head

Similar, but not "diamond-shaped" markings

This & the next 2:  views of its head

Headed into First Arroyo

Shade break in the arroyo

Torrey Yucca crown

Willow and Frio

This & the next 3:  studies of a Soaptree Yucca

Heelers at rest

The long dirt road

Probably a Chihuahuan Green Toad

Anaxyrus debilis insidior

Recent gullywasher turned up a washer

Almost back into the upper flatland


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like those different studies of the Yucca plant. And I'm glad that snake wasn't a rattler.

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