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Friday, July 9, 2021

Bad Hike at Geothermal

Look what we found
Because I wanted to avoid driving through construction this morning I decided to head over to Geothermal Road for our trek.  Dr. K came with us.  As soon as we crossed through the barrier at the west end of the dirt road a man hiking with his dog on a lead passed by.  Both Willow and Frio went ballistic, proving they haven't made much progress in being social.

Not long after we entered the major arroyo and began hiking east toward Tortugas Mountain, Dr. K said, "Dog!"  I looked ahead to see where it was, not realizing it had come up behind us and was sniffing Frio's butt.  It was a beautiful black canine with a startlingly blue left eye.  Thankfully it was incredibly calm in the face of the barking and snarling pandemonium created by our Heelers.  The encounter lasted a lot shorter than it felt, but it left both Dr. K and I feeling quite discouraged--especially with Willow.

We continued on up the arroyo while baking in the relentless sunshine, turning around when we were parallel with the new water tank recently constructed.  We had no other human or canine encounters on the way back to the CR-V, a situation that pleased us immensely.

In the major arroyo west of Tortugas Mountain

Much needed shade break

Feral log

Heading back


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

After looking closely I was able to see the lizard on top of the "feral log." Excellent camouflage.

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