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Monday, July 30, 2012

All Along the Rim Trail

Some type of sunflower
We did a long hike along the Rim Trail this morning, then hit the Ranger Station to pick up a book on wildflowers of the Sacramento Mountains; they didn't have one.  Then we went to the Mountain Mercantile to buy bakery bread.  On the way down the mountain to High Rolls we stopped at the High Rolls General Store for lunchmeat, cheese and water.  A very busy day.  By the time I got around to IDing some of these flowers, I didn't have a lot of energy.  I'm still working on the red flower from several posts ago!
? (Mountain Parsley?)

Sky and trees reflected in a mountain pool

Amongst the pines


Took a lot of force to snap an Aspen of this size

Mile post 1 along the Rim Trail

Sierra Blanca, high point in the Sacramento Mts., 12,003 ft.

Gorgeous white butterfly


Red-Tail Hawk feather

Becca and Packrat


Mr. Raven


Anonymous said...

Pics top-notch as usaul..but the butterfly - wow! I really love water in nature; how deep was the pool? Did it look like something you could swim in?

Caroline said...

Beautiful shot of the butterfly!

packrat said...


If you dove headfirst into that pool you'd come to an abrupt stop about neck deep.


packrat said...

Any butterflies in Hawaii, Caroline?

Dr. K said...

Cute photo of Packrat and Becca.

Scott said...

Beautiful images, especially the butterfly! Are you sure Mr. Crow isn't Mr. Raven?

packrat said...

Based on the beak profile, I'd say you may be right, Scott. We have a lot of American Crows here, too, so it's sometimes hard to differentiate. The Common Raven is just a bit larger than the American Crow.

Caroline said...

I haven't seen any butterflies, yet. but we saw lots of fish while snorkeling today!

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